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How to Visit Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is a people family at Berkshire, England that’s most healthy known during the filming locality because Downton Abbey. if you’re a fan of the show, or if you’re simply interested at historic landmarks, you can visit and follow the castle at sure epoch of the year.

1. Purchasing entry Tickets

1) buy commonplace entry tickets ought visit during the summer. each year, Highclere Castle opens its doors ought visitors during the mid ought late summer. ought shout on this year’s public viewing dates, or ought buy your hold commonplace entry tickets, visit the Highclere Castle officer website.
  • The castle sells morning tickets that lease you enter the grounds between 10:30am and 1pm and afternoon tickets that lease you enter between 1pm and 4pm.
  • When purchasing your tickets, you can choice from 4 different options: Gardens Only, Egyptian exhibition and Gardens, Castle and Gardens, and Castle, Exhibition, & Gardens.
  • The castle sometimes offers commonplace entry tickets almost chief holidays comparable Christmas and Easter.

2) advantage tickets ought a guided journey ought learn more almost the castle. Throughout the year, Highclere Castle offers a quantity of exceptional tours led by trained castle guides. These tours will teach you more almost the famous people family and, at some cases, will confer you a opportunity ought shout on parts of the castle that are off limits ought commonplace entry patrons.
  • Visit ought shout on what tours are currently available.
  • If you groan up because a tour, check the tour’s online news page ought shout on if there are any gown regulation requirements.

3) groan up because exceptional events because a sole castle experience. Highclere Castle hosts a quantity of festivals and events throughout the year. These functions normally final one appointment and you can buy tickets ought them across the castle’s officer website. Some events ought appearance out because include:
  • Holiday festivals
  • Concertos
  • Food tastings

4) Book orchestra visits a year at advance. Highclere Castle offers exceptional booking options ought adjust big groups. because scheduling reasons, the castle requires crude groups ought book at least 1 year preceding ought their intended visiting date.
  • You can book your orchestra visit across the officer Highclere Castle website.
  • The castle releases new orchestra booking options shut the depart of each calendar year.

2. Finding apartment and Transportation

1) keep a hotel room shut the castle if necessary. if you don’t be at Berkshire or a shut city comparable London or Birmingham, you can need ought book a hotel room shut ought the castle.
  • You can discover a catalog of the castle’s 4 and 5 planet hotel recommendations at
  • To discover cheaper options at the area, visit a tour comparison locality comparable Kayak or Travelocity.

2) remain at the London be because a more genuine experience. although Highclere Castle does no lease rooms at the family itself, they converted their customer be into a small hotel because guests who desire ought remain at the estate. You can book an overnight lodging at the be by visiting the Highclere Castle officer website.
  • Even if you’re staying at the lodge, you cannot visit the castle grounds back hours. However, you can follow the parks and public walkways surrounding the house.
  • Highclere Castle leases out cottages ought patrons who desire ought remain shut the castle because an extended epoch of time. because more information, e-mail

3) motivate your educate or accept a taxi ought the house. Highclere Castle sits at Highclere, Newbury RG20 9RN, UK. Public transit does no advance ought the castle grounds, so you’ll need ought advantage there using your hold private vehicle, a taxi, or a ride-sharing service.
  • Once you arrive the castle, chase the brown signs headmaster ought the tourist parking lot. carry out no confide at your GPS here during it will carry out you ought the wrong entrance.

3. Enjoying Your Visit

1) chase the castle’s officer rules. cabin visiting Highclere Castle, create certain you chase the house’s officer accompany guidelines. Remember: Highclere Castle is an genuine home, no fair a commerce establishment, so be during respectable during feasible cabin at the property. Some chief rules ought memorize include:
  • No photography cabin at the castle.
  • No dogs allowed at the premises (with the exception of trained service dogs).
  • No further strollers at the castle.
  • No smoking at or almost the castle.

2) Download the Highclere app because additional news almost the castle. The Highclere Castle App is an interactive program that features a class of content related ought the castle. during your visit, you can listen ought a narration by Jim Carter (Downton Abbey’s Carson the Butler) giving additional news almost different elements of the house.
  • The Highclere Castle App costs £2.29. You can download it across the iTunes App department or Google Play Store.

3) eat at 1 of the castle’s tearooms. Highclere Castle has 2 piece tea rooms: 1 at the castle suitable and 1 at the shut stable grounds. These areas sell tea, cakes, and a class of other beverages and food items.
  • The tea rooms cave their doors at 9:30am and serve lunch and feast items between noon and 2pm.
  • If you’d like, you can consume at the castle’s truck family instead. dinner tickets price £30 and you get ought buy them preceding ought your visit across the Highclere Castle officer website.

4) buy souvenirs at the castle’s faculty shop. while you’re ready ought leave, recess by the stable grounds so you can appearance across the castle’s faculty shop. Some items you can discover there contain kitchenware, champagne, snack foods, gown items (including Downton Abbey hats), and Egyptian exhibition merchandise.
  • You can buy many of the faculty shop’s items online at